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Comfort Measures

Comfort Measures is a podcast that takes a closer look at the media we consume and the food we eat when we are seeking comfort. Why do we take comfort in action movies or suspenseful books or scary television shows? What media connects us? How does food contribute to our comfort? So, get comfy and join Jessica Ammirati from Going to Tahiti Productions, as she delves into the sources of our comfort. Lord knows we all could use a little comfort right about now...

Mar 23, 2018

In episode four, Jessica is flying solo and taking a closer look at the 1993 movie SEARCHING FOR BOBBY FISCHER. The comfort food pairing is pizza - but not just any pizza - a pizza that means something special to you. So grab a slice, and join Jess for a discussion that touches on topics ranging from chess to competition to fathers to a stuffed moose.

As always, thank you to The Don't Tell Darlings for use of their songs "Never Saw Nothing" and "Till I Get Home" in the intro and outro (respectively) to the pod. For more of Camilla's music you can go to and

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