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Comfort Measures

Comfort Measures is a podcast that takes a closer look at the media we consume and the food we eat when we are seeking comfort. Why do we take comfort in action movies or suspenseful books or scary television shows? What media connects us? How does food contribute to our comfort? So, get comfy and join Jessica Ammirati from Going to Tahiti Productions, as she delves into the sources of our comfort. Lord knows we all could use a little comfort right about now...

Apr 29, 2019

Episode 12 - In our 12th episode, Jessica tackles her first (but far from her last) science fiction Comfort Media as she takes a deep dive into the premiere episode of the (criminally-cancelled-too-soon - Thanks, Frelling SciFi Channel!) television series, FARSCAPE. The Comfort Food is buttermilk biscuits. And the Community Comfort is (a bit on the nose, we know) pull some buttermilk biscuits out of the oven, cue up the first episode of FARSCAPE (now available on Amazon Prime) and join Jess for a discussion of a Broken DRD, a Helium-farting Hinerian, the luminous Claudia Black, and action-figure wedding cake toppers.*

*A word from Jess about spoilers: Usually, I don't worry about spoilers. I assume if you're listening to the podcast, you've already consumed the media so I'm not particularly careful about what I say. However, for some reason with this episode (maybe because it's science fiction (and we sci-fi geeks are pretty spoiler-phobic), maybe because we're in the middle of the final season of GoT and Avengers:Endgame literally just opened so I'm hyper aware of spoilers, but whatever the reason), I was concerned that people watching might not have seen any future episodes and I didn't want to ruin anything for anyone, so I tried to be very careful about not revealing things that are to come. So! There are a couple of places that had mild spoilers, where I give the heads up to fast forward 30 seconds just to avoid hearing those little nuggets.

Here are the three articles Jess mentioned in the pod:

Who killed Farscape?

The Entertainment Weekly review that started it all (at least for Jessica)

The Ethical Drama of John Crichton (Warning: Spoiler-ific if you haven't watched the full series)

As always, thank you to The Don't Tell Darlings for use of their songs "Never Saw Nothing" and "Till I Get Home" in the intro and outro (respectively) to the pod. For more of Camilla's music you can go to and

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