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Comfort Measures

Comfort Measures is a podcast that takes a closer look at the media we consume and the food we eat when we are seeking comfort. Why do we take comfort in action movies or suspenseful books or scary television shows? What media connects us? How does food contribute to our comfort? So, get comfy and join Jessica Ammirati from Going to Tahiti Productions, as she delves into the sources of our comfort. Lord knows we all could use a little comfort right about now...

Apr 29, 2020

In today's episode, Jessica does things a little differently - not one book or movie or comfort show but three comfort shows, and not just three comfort shows but three comfort shows and their companion podcasts. So, join Jess as she discusses THE WEST WING and the podcast THE WEST WING WEEKLY; THE GOOD PLACE and the podcast THE GOOD PLACE THE PODCAST; and SCRUBS and the podcast FAKE DOCTORS REAL FRIENDS WITH ZACH AND DONALD. The Comfort Food is Blueberry Pancakes (with a side of crispy bacon). For the Community Comfort, Jess gets all Peace, Love, and Hippie on y'all suggesting some tree hugging; and, as with the last Corona Comfort she has some more comfort action suggestions, this time involving Frank Lloyd Wright. So, whip up some flapjacks and join Jess for a discussion of high quality hugs, connection despite Corona, and the importance of a solid "no ash-hole" workplace policy.

Tree Hugging Article:

Pancake Recipe:
*I actually eliminated the 2T of sugar the recipe called for and didn't miss them at all - especially with all the maple syrup I poured on them. :)

Frank Lloyd Wright Houses Virtual Tour:
*The tours are on the instagram pages of each building.

Future Crunch:

...and the article about the factory workers living at work for 28 days:

As always, thank you to The Don't Tell Darlings for use of their songs "Never Saw Nothing" and "Till I Get Home" in the intro and outro (respectively) to the pod. For more of Camilla's music you can go to and

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